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Artist of the Month: May 2017

Jordan Ross

Growing up on the Central Coast, I have been blessed with the opportunity to observe the beautiful scenery. From the rolling hills to the lapping waves that hug the shore, I draw my inspiration from nature and the daydreams that fill my mind.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been fascinated with creating things. Whether I was making obscure shapes out of clay or drawing whimsical and imaginary creatures, I found joy knowing that I could create anything I wanted to and share it with others.

On the weekends and during vacation, my family and I would spend time outdoors. Whether it was a trip to the beach, a museum, or a picnic at the lake, my surroundings became the souvenirs that I took home with me. I would stay up late at night and draw places we went. As I grew older, I started to become more serious about my art.

I developed a love for drawing in junior high and high school. I eventually discovered painting when I took a few high school courses during my senior year, and I have been painting ever since.

My painting style started to develop in college, once I learned different techniques and approaches. My favorite subjects to paint are landscapes, primarily seascapes and what is called “surf art”. Living close to the beach has inspired many of my paintings and their subject matter.

I continue to learn and fall in love with painting every day and continue to share my memories and daydreams through my art.

Jordan Ross “Self Portrait”

“Three Palm Trees” by Jordan Ross

“Long Green Wave” by Jordan Ross

“Orange Wave” by Jordan Ross

“Guitar” by Jordan Ross

Apply to be on the Clark Center Lobby Walls!!

The Clark Center for the Performing Arts accepts applications in the fall from fine Artists interested in exhibiting their work annually. Public art is displayed in both the Center lobby and in the Salon hallway. There is sufficient space for large bodies of work. Artists working with mixed media, oil, water color, pastels, pen and ink, sketching, etc. are encouraged to apply.

Artists are juried for content acceptability and a total of 10 artists will be selected and paired to display their work for a two-month period during the following year. The deadline for applying is typically in October and artists are notified in early November. The sale of art requires a contribution of 20% of the sale price to the Clark Center Foundation which is used for funding performing arts scholarships and grants.

Click here to download the art application. For more information, please contact Kris Sinay, Clark Center Community Relations Manager, at

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