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Artist of the Month: June 2017

Jason Town

I’m a visual Artist who paints abstractions with the occasional Pop Art flavor.

I started my adventure into painting when my Mother passed away in 2002. I needed a way to heal and the act of painting helped fill the void. Creating art became the only emotional coping mechanism I relied on at that time. Now, painting is more about the process of making art. A process that is still introspective and healing, but also creates a headspace where I love what I’m doing so much that I loose track of time and I feel at peace.

When making a painting I use many layers and 7 different techniques. A painting might be complete after only two or three layers; other times, a painting can take over a hundred layers to complete. The 7 different painting techniques allow me the flexibility I need to shift my approach as a painting develops into a finished piece.

Here’s the list of my 7 techniques:
1.) Brushwork
2.) Dripping
3.) Stencils
4.) Spray Paint
5.) Alcohol
6.) Paint Pens
7.) Pallet Knife

Every layer is the background until the final layer is applied and dry.


Jason Town Painting

Jason Town Painting

Jason Town Painting

Apply to be on the Clark Center Lobby Walls!!

The Clark Center for the Performing Arts accepts applications in the fall from fine Artists interested in exhibiting their work annually. Public art is displayed in both the Center lobby and in the Salon hallway. There is sufficient space for large bodies of work. Artists working with mixed media, oil, water color, pastels, pen and ink, sketching, etc. are encouraged to apply.

Artists are juried for content acceptability and a total of 10 artists will be selected and paired to display their work for a two-month period during the following year. The deadline for applying is typically in October and artists are notified in early November. The sale of art requires a contribution of 20% of the sale price to the Clark Center Foundation which is used for funding performing arts scholarships and grants.

Click here to download the art application. For more information, please contact Kris Sinay, Clark Center Community Relations Manager, at

Clark Center Performing Arts Association