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Larry Hammons

I have always enjoyed the arts and aspired to be a commercial artist in my youth. However, my life’s path led me to the military where I served for 25 years. As I contemplated a second retirement, I decided that I was not going to be that retiree that sat for hours on end in front of the TV. I began experimenting with photography as a way to renew my connection with art. I discovered I still had a “good eye” and received several comments from local professional photographers that were both encouraging and complimentary. As a result, I’ve been packing a lifetime of learning into the last seven years.

I continue to push my photographic horizons by stepping out into uncharted and new arenas; contests and competitions, experimental photography, classes and workshops, and study the work of my contemporaries. I have recently been experimenting with textures and filters to bring out the “soul” of an image. As a photographic artist, I find that the freedom to create and enhance the mood of an image is something I enjoy very much and find very rewarding. It is very satisfying to view a completed image and realize that I have not only captured the mood of the scene, but infused it with my own mood and feelings of the moment. It is a symbiotic creation.

I continue to learn and experiment, and with each new “lesson” I find that the artist in me becomes more connected to the soul of the image. Because of that, as long as pixels are free, I will continue to shoot and experiment.

Photos of some of her works:




Apply to be on the Clark Center Lobby Walls!!

The Clark Center for the Performing Arts accepts applications in the fall from fine Artists interested in exhibiting their work annually. Public art is displayed in both the Center lobby and in the Salon hallway. There is sufficient space for large bodies of work. Artists working with mixed media, oil, water color, pastels, pen and ink, sketching, etc. are encouraged to apply.

Artists are juried for content acceptability and a total of 10 artists will be selected and paired to display their work for a two-month period during the following year. The deadline for applying is typically in October and artists are notified in early November. The sale of art requires a contribution of 20% of the sale price to the Clark Center Foundation which is used for funding performing arts scholarships and grants.

Click here to download the art application. For more information, please contact Kris Sinay, Clark Center Community Relations Manager, at

Clark Center Performing Arts Association