Ballet dancers performing on stage.

Everybody Can Dance & The Santa Maria Civic Ballet Present

The Pirate & The Firebird

excerpts from Le Corsaire, plus The Firebird

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Saturday, June 8 - 7:00 PM
Sunday, June 9 - 3:00 PM

THE PIRATE Adventure awaits on the shores of the Mediterranean, where sword and pistol rule the waves. Daring pirate captain Conrad returns home to his beloved Medora, but his mutinous first mate Birbanto lies in wait. When Medora convinces Conrad to free the slaves discovered on a captured slaving ship, Birbanto plots to murder his captain. He conspires with the slave-seller Lankhedem to kidnap Medora, who is sold with her sister Gulnare into the Pasha's harem, where they must dance in his Animated Garden. With help from his lieutenant Ali, Conrad and his pirates disguise themselves as humble pilgrims to sneak into the Pasha's palace, rescue the stolen maidens, and sail away to freedom. Based on Lord Byron's epic poem The Corsair, this swashbuckling ballet features a loving re-staging of Marius Petipa's legendary choreography and all new sets including a real pirate ship!

THE FIREBIRD Stravinsky's glorious score invites us to mythic Russia of the past. Prince Ivan hunts the Firebird, a legendary phoenix with the power to make men unbeatable in battle. He tracks her to the courtyard of a mysterious castle and captures the Firebird, who gives him one of her feathers in exchange for her freedom and promises she will return and aid him should he have need. Beautiful princesses soon appear from the sinister fortress, and Ivan is entranced by their beauty. He falls in love with Vasylia, who tells him they are being held prisoner by the dread sorceror Koschei the Deathless, who sold his soul for immortality and is now so ancient he has become a living skeleton. Many warriors have attempted to rescue them, but all have been turned to stone statues and now decorate Koschei's garden. Ivan is not afraid, but he is not strong enough to overcome Koschei's evil creatures, and is captured himself. Despite Vasylia's pleas, Koschei begins to turn Ivan into stone - but Ivan remembers the Firebird's feather! The Firebird enchants Koschei's creatures and gives Ivan the secret of Koschei's immortality: if the egg which holds his soul is broken, all his magic will be undone. Koschei is vanquished, and Vasylia and Ivan are crowned King and Queen in the new dawn.



General Admission

REGULAR $30.00
12 & under


Running Time: 2 hours with 15 minute intermission.

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Sat - Sun, Jun 8 - 9, 2024


General $30, Child $20

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