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Call For Artists to Display and Sell their work in the Clark Center Lobby 2023

Hey, artists! Want to Show Off?

We are now accepting applications from fine artists who are interested in displaying and selling their work!

Our lobby is filled with art from local artists year round! We reserve the space for student artists in March and April and offer it to the community the rest of the year. Mixed media such as oil, watercolor, pastels, pen and ink, sketching, etc. are encouraged, as well as sculptures and photography.

Although we do not charge artists to exhibit, we humbly ask that 20% of the proceeds from pieces that sell be invested back into our student scholarship and grant programs. These scholarships benefit graduating seniors who will be pursuing an education in the arts.

Art pieces are juried for content acceptability and 10 artists will be selected to display their work for two consecutive months.

Our art gallery is open to the public during our Box Office hours which are Tuesday-Friday 1pm-6pm and Saturday 12pm-4pm. 

For more information, please contact our business office at 805-489-4196 or


2023-2024 Art Application
2023-2024 Art Application

Current Artists

Barry Lundgren – Woodturning Artist

For Barry Lundgren, a local artist from Atascadero, woodturning is his passion! It all started nearly 30 years ago with a natural edge bowl demonstration that sparked his excitement for the genre. Twenty-six years later and he’s still inspired to make shavings fly!

His inspiration comes from the wood itself. Every piece is different in color, texture, scent, and character. Some pieces are turned green, which he finds it fascinating to see how they warp and distort into the finished pieces. Others, such as lidded boxes, threaded urns, and salad bowls must be rough-turned and left to dry and stabilize. They are then remounted and turned to finish their shape and will actually dry and stay symmetrical.

The wood may come from anywhere in the world, but much of it is sourced locally (on the Central Coast of California). These include walnut, olive, buckeye, acacia, and oak. Some of my more exotic pieces are created from Australian burls, koa, milo, and ebony.


Debbie Sidenberg

“Color, shape and pattern guide my choices as to what to paint or draw. I work in a variety of mediums, from acrylic and watercolor to collage and colored pencil. I consider the fine point black sharpie to be indispensable. Born and raised down south in Santa Monica, I’ve lived in
Arroyo Grande for over 30 years. My favorite artists are Wayne Thiebaud, Ingres, and William Hawkins. Outsider Art is probably my favorite genre.”

Several years ago she began to explore an unusual medium: credit card mosaic. Her older daughter worked at a popular restaurant bar in Haight Asbury while attending college in San Francisco. Patrons would “start a tab” and then leave without retrieving their credit cards. Months went by until finally her daughter came home for a visit with a handful of cards and said, “You can do something with these”. And so she did.

Her works are now made from credit cards, hotel key cards, gift cards, etc. Debbie says, “Repurposing something that would normally be thrown away, but which once had value and importance appeals to me”. Cut into pieces the plastic bits look like the tiles used in mosaic. Forming them into recognizable objects is like working a puzzle. Although the concept seems simplistic each work takes many hours to complete from start to finish.