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Arts in Education

For many years, the Clark Center has been providing programming free of charge to students attending Lucia Mar Unified School District.

In the spring of each year, a volunteer committee of retired educators, administrators and community members select shows for the following school year. Performances feature dancing, music, storytelling, and experiments. Artists come from all over the world and our own backyard via student performances, PCPA and other local productions.

Every year, approximately 6,000 students enjoy a professional performance at our theater. For many of the children, it is their first experience in a professional performing arts center.

If you’ve ever seen a child’s face while watching their first live performance, you know. Their excitement is palpable. The lights go down, their eyes get wide, the big curtain goes up, a hush falls on the auditorium, the show begins…

Imagine being a part of this wonderful experience!

An important part of our mission is to continue to provide these programs free of charge to students in the Lucia Mar School District, and at a subsidized price for others. But we need your help!


Arts in Education
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Arts in Education Events

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Say Yes to Success

Razzle Bam Boom - Shows That Teach


Students LOVE the Razzle Bam Boom duo, Mark Beckwith and Obediah Thomas. These two entertainers are brilliant, creatively conveying valuable lessons to students. Their fun and educational shows use music, humor, and audience participation to engage young audiences.


Cuentos: Latino World Tales

Rain Art Productions


From the silly antics of Puerto Rican anti-hero "Juan Bobo" to the mysterious dealings and powers of the Orishas in a suite of Afro-Cuban stories, these tales are filled with memorable characters, fantastic plots, and positive messages for children. Spanish language words are sprinkled throughout stories and songs, so that young audiences can repeat and retain their sound and meaning. Solid entertainment and a great introduction to the marvelous world of Latino literature and culture.


John Henry

Mad River Theater Works


John Henry is an American Folklore hero. Born in poverty in rural West Virginia, his incredible size and strength were legendary as he worked laying track for the railroads in the late 19th century. No one could match his skill or endurance, until the invention of the steam-powered driver. We remember John Henry for his famous contest with this newfangled machine. John won the day, but died soon afterwards of a broken heart.